It Feels Like Christmas!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! 

Everyone loves a bit of Christmas spirit, and the team at Duralock HQ are no exception! Last week saw some friendly fire (no, not at each other!) at some unsuspecting clay pigeons at the Oxfordshire Shooting School. Located just a stones-throw from the Duralock office, on the same airfield, we all popped down to the school for a morning taster session... and we all loved it!

The true dark horse of the event was Dave, who was a dab hand with a gun. He swears to us that 'in his day' they used to shoot anything that moved, but he hadn't done it in years. Turns out he never lost the knack! And what's more, we wouldn't dare question his story!

When we had all perfected our *cough* perfect aim, we headed back to office for a famous Duralock BBQ! There was so much food and Wayne was a trooper and braved the smoke and the chill of the outdoors cooking us up a feast! The boardroom was transformed into our Christmas table, complete with crackers and snowflake napkins, followed by the traditional 'family' game: pictionary. This was accompanied with proper Christmas tradition: a family squabble about what on earth the pictures were! All in a days fun!

We truly had a great time and it is lovely to have such a great team who make it a pleasure to work with! 

So from me (Abi), on behalf of the Duralock Team, Merry Christmas!

To see some photos of our Christmas Do... just click here!


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