Duralock PVC Fencing Installation Complete at Fairview Racecourse in South Africa!

Duralock PVC Horse Racetrack Racecourse Fencing
We are excited to announce that our Duralock Racerail PVC Fencing has been successfully installed on the Fairview Racecourse in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The racecourse, which decided to develop to provide one, all weather, easy maintainable course enlisted Duralock as the obvious solution to their equestrian fencing needs.

Our PVC fencing provides the upmost inbuilt saftey for both horse and rider. The innovative design means that on collision it will simply pop apart, with no splinters. Duralock's PVC equestrian fencing is also designed to flex upon impact, reducing the risk in such a high-risk environment. To suit the low maintenance requirements of Fairview, Duralock is the perfect choice. This is because it is perfect for all-weather environments: it has incorporated UV-protection, requires no painting and as such will not split or peel!

Paired with Martin Collins Polytrack surface, Fairview's new track goes above and beyond and the outcome is both beautiful and practical.


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