Front Page of French Equestrian, 'Jour de Galop'!

Front-Cover Feature

This morning, we were sent a great picture of the cover page of the 'Jour de Galop', the French equestrian and horse racing magazine, by our director of France, Jean-Philippe Boisgontier. We are extremely honoured to have been involved with such a great publication and have been featured so heavily.

Duralock Safety Jump Cases

The cover shows our safety jump case made of 100% plastics, which are perfect for use on the racecourse or for training purposes. The design is extremely innovative, with the option of two or three rows for insertable synthetic hedging, allowing for year-round use with no maintenance whatsoever. The design is adjustable in length in accordance with your needs, with inter-connectable 1.5m cases. The Duralock safety jump cases are easily transportable and require a very simple installation making them perfect for amateur and professional alike.

This complete jump includes the safety jump- cases, take off-bar, top protection bar and birch blocks. These can be bought as a complete set or in separate components. If you would like to know more, we would be happy to answer any enquiries you may have! Send us an email or give us a call!

Duralock jumps on front cover of Jour de Galop


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