Gras Savoye Hipcover and Duralock hand in hand in the fight to improve safety

Prototype of the new safety jump designed by Duralock Prototype of the new safety jump designed by DuralockGras Savoye, an insurance broker specialising in the equestrian world, together with Duralock, who design and manufacture equestrian safety equipment (rails, fencing, take off rails, race jumps…) both have the same objective – to reduce the risks inherent to the equestrian world.

Delphine Garcia-Dubois, in charge of development with Gras Savoye Hipcover, says: “this partnership appeared natural for both parties and we hope to profit from each other’s respective knowledge to be able to advise our clients on the prevention of risk and to offer novel and tailored solutions.

Duralock is a well-known manufacturer, a world leader on the market for quality PVC fencing (racing rails and fencing), who supply numerous racecourses throughout the world. Duralock is now diversifying into jump safety and this project, which is already at a very advanced stage (prototypes currently in testing, market launch scheduled for Autumn) won us over, as it is perfectly aligned with the prevention and reduction of risk, which is also one of the main aspects of our role as brokers.

The new parade ring at Chantilly equipped with duralock fencing and rails The new parade ring at Chantilly equipped with duralock fencing and railsA broker has a duty to advise his clients and we at Gras Savoye take this very seriously. Furthermore, as far as Jean-Philippe Boisgontier – Managing Director of Duralock France – and myself are concerned, we both know the risks of jump racing well since we are both amateur jockeys! Thanks to our partnership, our clients and prospects will get even better advice!

The aim of our partnership is quite simply to be even more efficient. Before insuring a site, we carry out a “risk assessment visit” which is similar to a safety audit. With Duralock we are broadening our fields of competence and we will be able to pool our knowledge in the areas of racecourse and public area safety. There is no financial exchange between us, it’s just a question of exchanging our competence and letting our clients benefit.”

Jean-Philippe Boisgontier, managing director of Duralock France says: “Gras Savoye and Duralock are two companies which both have an excellent reputation for quality in the horse racing world whether for products or services. We are in no way competitors since our activities are truly complementary. Duralock’s market positioning is that of an expert supplier for racecourse and training centre safety, and we manufacture rails, fencing and jumps which have been designed with safety as the fundamental criterion. As for Gras Savoye, they insure the risks on these same sites in a discipline which, as everyone knows, will never be free from accidents.

Polyethylene take-off rails as recommended by France Galop Polyethylene take-off rails as recommended by France GalopOur common aim seems obvious: reduce risk through advice and implement the best adapted systems so that the sport becomes safer. Our latest developments are more relevant than ever: Duralock has just won a contract to supply all France Galop’s sites with take-off rails. Since these sites are insured by Gras Savoye, the connection is quite obvious! Duralock is constantly innovating and our current project of jumps made from 100% composite materials should quite simply revolutionise the way our industry currently designs its jumps, with the added exceptional bonus of safety. I believe that this concept attracted Gras Savoye who are not just brokers but also want to give their clients truly expert advice. I think our partnership can look forward to a bright future”.


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