Race Control Revealed!

Duralock Race Control

Introducing Race Control:
The Reliable Racecourse Warning System 

Duralock is proud to present the RACE CONTROL system, a revolutionary and innovative warning system designed to eradicate the confusion of race-stops and clearly inform all participants with ease.

The Predicament that led to RACE CONTROL

Stopping a race once in motion is easier said that done. The ability to warn jockeys in time, of an unseen obstruction ahead requires rapidity and organisation. Often, sirens placed only in the stands have proved inaudible at a distance due to the sounds of the cheering crowds, the wind and hoof-beat.

The Solution:

In order to provide jockeys with an audible and visual warning system, RACE CONTROL offers a series of flashing lights equipped with sirens which are placed strategically around the racecourse and controlled remotely by the stewards.

How does RACE CONTROL work?

The RACE CONTROL flashing sirens are remotely controlled and battery powered, meaning that there is no need for awkward cabling. The units can be placed around the course before racing in a matter of minutes on their specially designed, permanent Duralock PVC posts. Once set-up, they are able to receive a signal from the transmitters in the stewards control tower. The units are then collected and stored for the next raceday! 

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