Supporting our Air Ambulances

Duralock supports local charities in attempt to raise money for good cause

In the sporting world, accidents can happen at any time. At Duralock, through our safe fencing systems, we actively work to reduce the chances of injury. We also support those who help when people are not so fortunate and find themselves in need of our Air Ambulance Services.

David Seel, the brother of Duralock's managing director, Jeremy Seel, found himself in this predicament when he suffered from a spontaneous burst varicose vein in his leg, losing blood at an extremely fast rate in a remote, countryside area. The Air Ambulance staff were extremely prompt and professional in stemming the blood flow, effectively saving his life.

To support the continuation of these crucially important services, which receive absolutely no funding from the government; relying 100% on donations, David and his commitee have undertaken to raise a significant amount of money. The fundraising efforts will culminate in a spectacular event at Cheltenham Racecourse.

To know more, please click on the image below to visit the website!

duralock air ambulance charity


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