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World Class

Camel Rail

Duralock Camel Rails are recognised by leading camel racing institutions in the Middle East to be the best.

Duralock Camel Rail

Made from the same award-winning materials as Duralock's equestrian race rail and fencing products, Duralock camel rail has been recognised as the best camel race rail in the industry. Used extensively at Dubai Camel Racing Club and other top camel racing institutions



Duralock Camel Rails are made from durable PVCu, allowing the rails to withstand extreme temperatures without warping or loosing material strength



Duralock Camel Rails are designed to be outside 24/7 with minimal maintenance required. A simple wipe down with a damp cloth is all that is needed to restore a factory fresh look.

Competition Grade Safety

Competition Grade Safety

Duralock Camel Rails have no sharp edges and will not shatter upon impact, making it a safe choice for both camel and rider. The sleek finish is pleasing to the eye and non-reflective, posing no risk of distraction during use.

Full Tailored Experience

We help you to make the most of your race track. Our full tailored ordering process starts with measuring your grounds to ensure that our camel rails flow seamlessly with your racetrack, ensuring a flawless fit, ideal for world-class racing. In addition to the race rail, we can also help you with any crowd barriers and other fencing needs.

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Duralock Camel Rail and other Equestrian Rails are proud to be used at these venues:

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