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Duralock North America

The Market Leader in High-Performance Equestrian Fencing.

Established in 1991, Duralock has revolutionized equestrian rail and fencing systems by vastly improving safety conditions for horses, riders and spectators. Our fencing systems have been installed in 41 countries at world-renowned racecourses, training centres, polo grounds and equestrian facilities. 

All of our fencing has an award-winning, patented dual-chamber design and is suitable for all surfaces. The UV-stabilized PVCu formulations are of the highest quality, eliminating the risk of shattering in all weather conditions. It is strong and durable, yet flexible in the event of a collision. The products are available as permanent or removable installations. Horse racing is an intrinsically dangerous sport. Duralock’s race rail is designed to minimize risk to horse and rider with smooth surfaces, rounded edges and snap-fit T-connections. The rail bends out when brushed against at high speeds and cleanly breaks apart on impact.

It is quickly and easily reassembled. The rail may be installed permanently or used as a moveable system that can be swiftly reconfigured. The moveable feature is extremely useful when repositioning the turf rail and tracks have installed our permanent footings that make it simple to adjust the racing path. 


Michele Fischer 

Duralock North America
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Tony Reinstedler 

Duralock North America
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